Jet Days Orientation

Transfer Transition Days

What is Orientation?

Orientation, called Jet Days, is to help students transition to Newman University. Orientation is designed to provide opportunities for students that are entering Newman University to be involved in programming and social opportunities to help students during the early transition/integration issues that occur as they enter college for the first time or begin study at a new university. Orientation also provides opportunities for the "Newman Experience" to begin to take shape by introducing the rich history, foundations and traditions of the campus to its newest members.

Goals of Orientation:

Provide opportunities to meet other incoming students

  • Allow new students to begin to connect to Newman University
  • Provide students with the tools and resources needed to become a successful NU student
  • Explain Institutional policies and procedures
  • Connect new students with potential mentors on the NU campus (faculty/staff/administration, upper-class students)

Who attends Orientation?


Newman offers three different Orientation sessions before the start of school. Each of these sessions is specifically developed to meet the needs of the students participating in the sessions. All students are required to attend their Orientation. The following Orientation sessions are offered:

  • Freshman Orientation - for all incoming freshmen
  • International Orientation - for all incoming international students
  • Transfer Transition: Navigating Newman (TTNN) - for students transferring to Newman from another college or university

The Ground Crew: Parents, family and supporters

We recognize the role that the family plays in a student’s life as they officially become a Newman Jet. All supporters, family members and parents are invited to join The Ground Crew at orientation. Learn more about The Ground Crew and how your support can make a big difference in your student’s success at Newman. Also, check out special events for The Ground Crew at Orientation (shown at the top right). Check out our Facebook site The Ground Crew.

When is Orientation?

Freshman and International Orientation occur prior to the first day of classes; however the specific schedule varies from year to year.

  • Freshman Orientation occurs the weekend leading into the first day of classes.
  • International Orientation is a 3-4 day event the week before school starts.
  • Transfer students have a variety of dates and times to choose from over the summer. Contact Sr. JoAnn Mark, ASC, at 942-4291, ext. 2409, for these dates.

Newman also offers a one day summer Orientation for Nursing and Allied Health students, whose program starts earlier in the summer.
*See year specific information for details on dates, schedule, etc.

Do I pay for Orientation?

Newman students pay an Orientation fee, which is included in their bill. This fee is designed to cover Orientation activities, food and materials for the student and two Ground Crew. We welcome families and guests to be part of their student’s orientation experience as the Ground Crew. Cost for Ground Crew beyond the two included guests is $12.00 per person. Children three years of age and under are free.

In some cases there may be an event that requires an additional charge.

Traditions and Transitions, Freshmen seminar (T & T)

The Traditions and Transitions seminar is designed for traditional freshmen during their first year at Newman University. This integration course works to maximize student success and satisfaction. Students develop mentor relationships with both faculty and upperclassman student facilitators while beginning the process of scholarly inquiry and discussion. During T & T students engage in service, explore their career field and work to recognize and obtain personal and academic goals. Past participants state that T & T enhanced the quality of their first year of undergraduate education—while having a good time!