Advanced Standing Program

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Newman's Advanced Standing Program is a partnership with select area high schools. Advanced Standing enables high school students to earn college credit while still attending high school. Tuition per credit hour in Advanced Standing courses are typically much lower than general tuition, and prove to be a great start toward your college education.

High schools offering Advanced Standing courses

Andale, Bishop Carroll, Cheney, Clearwater, Derby, Garden Plain, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Maize High, Maize South, Northfield School of Liberal Arts, Trinity Academy, Wichita North, Wichita Northwest, Wichita South, Wichita West, and Wichita East.

Requirements for the Advanced Standing Program

  • A cumulative 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Junior or senior standing in high school
  • Permission from your high school guidance counselor
  • Permission from your parent or legal guardian

How do I enroll in Advanced Standing courses?

  • Contact your high school counselor. Enrollment information is provided to your high school each August for fall classes; January for spring classes
  • Complete the enrollment packet by the deadline indicated

Course and Grades Information

What courses can I take?

Only specific high school courses are approved for credit through Newman University's Advanced Standing Program. For a list of course options, visit with your high school counselor or meet with the Newman representative when they visit your school.

How do I get my grades?

Grades are accessible online via JetStream

Can my parents see my grades? Can they get a copy of my transcript for me?

Only the student may obtain his/her academic records from Newman University. Academic records may only be released with written permission from you, the student.

I'm no longer taking the course at my high, how do I drop it with Newman?

Send a letter to the Registrar's Office at Newman University prior to the drop date specified in your enrollment packet. Failure to meet the deadline may result in a failing course grade on your transcript.

I took Advanced Standing courses and now I want to attend Newman. Do I still have to apply?

Yes, apply online and submit all required application materials.