Financial Aid Forms

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For all students

The Financial Aid Data Form is required to be completed by both new students as well as returning students. Apply for financial aid form below for the appropriate school year at Newman University. Please return the printable forms to NU's Financial Aid Office located in 230 Sacred Heart Hall.

2015-16 Financial Aid Data Form
2014-15 Financial Aid Data Form

If you are planning on applying for Federal or State grants or loans, please visit the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) website for step-by-step instructions. Some funding may be limited so we encourage all students to complete their application for the upcoming school year by March 1 to improve their chances of receiving these funds.

An additional form will also be required for students who are eligible to apply for the Kansas State Scholars award. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you need to request this state application.

Once students have completed the FAFSA, they may be randomly selected by the Federal Government to go through a process called "verification" where they must turn in a tax return transcript. You may request a tax return transcript by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on or by going to If the student is notified that they have been selected for verification, they will also need to complete a Verification Form to submit along with their tax information. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you are unsure whether or not you must complete the verification process.

Financial aid documents

When you click on a document name it will open a PDF file that you will be able to print off and complete. Once you have completed the document return it to the Financial Aid Office.

2015-16 Documents

2014-15 Documents