Adult Learning

Newman University adult learner


34 percent of students surveyed work full-time while attending college.

Want to raise your value?

When the economy turns south, many adults seize the moment to rebuild or add to their core skill set. Newman adult students represent hardworking mothers, fathers, laid-off workers, soldiers, and others who want to further their education, certification or training. High academic standards, faculty mentors, and small classes are key components Newman provides for your success. Visit Newman's academic programs to get started or complete your adult learning.

I want to Begin My Bachelor's

With over 40 undergraduate programs from accounting to sports medicine, starting a new degree at Newman is as easy as visiting with an admissions counselor and filling out an application. Apply online today.

I want to complete my bachelor's

Got interrupted? Newman offers avenues to individuals who have started but not finished their degree. Choose the degree completion program that best fits your adult learning needs.

I want TO BEGIN MY master's

Graduate Education is a plus in the job market. Newman offers degree programs in Business, Education, Nursing, Social Work, and two Theology degrees, a Master of Arts in Theology or a Master in Theological Studies. Newman University also offers a Joint MSW/MBA Program for those who want to earn both the Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration degrees

I am a Veteran

Newman University serves those who have performed military duty to the U.S. by participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which offers a high quality Newman education at little or no cost.

I've been laid off 

When the economy calls for it, Newman University implements this special adult learning program to assist laid-off workers in retooling for their future at a much-reduced tuition rate.