Core Values

De Mattias Fine Art Center

Newman University's Mission Statement is grounded in the following Core Values:

Catholic Identity (“We are a Catholic university…)

As a Catholic institution of higher learning, Newman finds guidance in Ex corde ecclesiae and other teachings of the Catholic Church and draws nourishment from its relationships with surrounding Catholic communities and dioceses. At the same time, our Catholic identity is distinctively shaped by the influence both of our founders and sponsors, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and of our namesake, the Catholic theologian and educator John Henry Cardinal Newman. From the Adorers, we receive our special mission of developing and empowering our graduates to work for the betterment of society—a mission inspired by the Adorers’ own founder, Saint Maria De Mattias. From Cardinal Newman, we inherit our vision of the university as an institution that educates the whole person to seek the truth and to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Finally, with a strong liberal arts foundation, our curriculum honors the richness and vitality of our Catholic intellectual heritage while affirming the value of dialogue involving persons of varied cultures and religious traditions. 

Academic Excellence (…named for John Henry Cardinal Newman…)

Following the ideals of Cardinal Newman, we seek to educate the whole person. A firm grounding in the liberal arts strengthens all our programs and instills habits of lifelong learning that will accompany graduates as they pursue a variety of personal, academic, and professional goals. Newman’s faculty strives to utilize best practices in instruction, the insights derived from scholarly research, and a culture of assessment to promote classroom and program improvement, while the small college atmosphere of Newman facilitates the development of an active, dynamic learning community. In addition, Newman University has a special mission—to make an environment of academic excellence available to a diverse range of students and to empower those students, through the education we provide, to transform the world. In sum, it is the development of the intellectual, moral, and spiritual capabilities of the entire university community combined with our collective dedication to the promotion of peace and social justice that characterizes academic excellence at Newman University.

Culture of Service (…and founded by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ…)

The passion to serve others is integral to the missions of both Newman University and the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. We actualize this mandate by fostering a distinctive culture of service in which each member of the community is encouraged to find personally fulfilling ways of growing through giving. Manifestly, gifts of time and talent are visible symbols of our commitment to transforming the human condition, while inwardly, service is also transformative for the student who successfully develops a critical consciousness that hungers and thirsts for justice and peace. Through our Christ-centered humanitarian commitment to serving the underserved, we honor that common mission which we share with our founders and sponsors, namely that of developing and empowering people.

Global Perspective (…for the purpose of empowering graduates to transform society.”)

Newman University is committed to promoting an interdependent global perspective formed by a critical consciousness that hungers and thirsts for justice and peace. More than just an awareness of other cultures, such a perspective affirms the interdependent nature of all of creation. At the same time, it speaks to the ideal of the educated person in the modern world: a person who possesses a strong sense of self yet embraces difference; a person who not only seeks knowledge but effectively applies it; a person of wide vision who remains well grounded. To this end, we seek to engage a diverse array of students in outstanding educational experiences designed to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and values they will need to become leaders in the transformation of an increasingly complex and interconnected world.