Strategic Plan

Alumni Association
Mission, Principals, and Goals
2013-2014 Strategic Plan

August 15, 2013

Mission Statement:
The Newman University Alumni Association's mission is to engage alumni in the life of Newman University and its students, encourage lifelong connections among alumni and friends, and support the University's mission of empowering graduates to transform society.

Guiding Principles:
We embrace seven key principles to guide activities and relationships.

  • We serve and engage all alumni so that the Alumni Association and the University will benefit from the diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds found within the Newman Family.
  • We nurture and cherish the special bonds that connect the Newman Family to each other and to the University.
  • We preserve the rich history of our institution by celebrating our traditions and building upon the accomplishments of our alumni and the University.
  • We encourage and provide opportunity for alumni to own the mission of the University and its future with gifts of time, talent, and treasure.
  • We encourage alumni to respond to the needs of the world around them and to honor our Catholic/Christian values by sharing their knowledge, talents, resources, and time with those in need.
  • We work to promote, protect, and enhance the image and reputation of Newman University, our students, alumni, and friends by recognizing students, alumni, and friends who live the values and fulfill the mission of the University.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do. We will actively solicit and utilize resources to continuously, creatively, and efficiently improve our performance.

2013-2014 Strategic Goals:
1. Increase our role as a strategic partner with other departments through improved collaboration across the University to contribute to the success of Newman University
2. Strengthen the foundation of the association to better provide meaningful, lifelong opportunities for alumni to engage and connect to Newman University

  • Increase alumni engagement levels and strategic support to the University
  • Increase the number of contacts with alumni and the percentage of alumni engaged in giving to the University

3. Increase awareness for the University, her mission, and the success of our alumni and students
4. Align alumni volunteer leadership, Alumni Relations staff, and University administration with shared understanding of purpose and strategic focus
5. Foster relationships with current students that build lifelong commitment to the University and an identity as a Newman alum after graduation/attendance