Email setup for mobile devices

Instructions to setup email on Faculty and Staff mobile devices:

  1. To set up e-mail, select  “ActiveSync” on Windows Mobile devices, or ”Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” from the e-mail set up options on other devices. Some devices categorize Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as a “corporate” account type instead of ActiveSync. In that situation, select Corporate as the email type.
  2. Where prompted enter the following information:
    Email: This is your full Newman University email address, ”username”.
    Username: The username is the part of your Newman University email address that is before the “” portion of your email address. This is also the same username you use to log onto Microsoft Windows.
    Password: Your password is the same as your Microsoft Windows password and Newman University email password.
    Domain: For Faculty and Staff, your Domain is “KNC”.

    After entering some of the above information, your phone may attempt to automatically search for the server.  Do not be surprised if you encounter problems or error messages at this point.  Proceed to Step 3.
  3. Server name:
    When prompted for the mail server’s name, please enter “”.
    If prompted, you should enable SSL support to encrypt the traffic between your mobile device and the server.
    After verifying and synchronizing your mailbox, you should now be connected and able to receive and send e-mail.

These are simplified instructions and not intended to be a comprehensive step-by-step guide to setting up your exact device. Exact device setup will vary from device-to-device and will even vary between versions of the operating system.

This information provided is intended to assist you in setting up email on your device. Further assistance may be available by contacting Newman University’s helpdesk at 316-942-4291 extension 2222. Please be prepared to provide the help desk with the make, model, and wireless provider for your wireless device, example: Apple iPhone 6 with AT&T.

If personal one-on-one assistance is required, there will be a fee of $25 for 15 minutes of hands-on assistance, paid in advance. If your supported device can be confirmed to have full Internet connectivity and we are unable to successfully synchronize your device with your Newman email, the fee will be refunded.

Only Newman University approved and provided devices will be provided with one-on-one setup assistance and user training at no additional costs. Approved devices may be procured through Telecommunications, Academic Computing, or Administrative Computing.


Special information regarding BlackBerry devices

Newman University does not support BlackBerry devices. If you have a BlackBerry device and wish to access your Newman University email, you may configure BlackBerry Internet Service, BIS, to access your Newman University email. BIS is typically configured from your BlackBerry device or through your wireless provider’s BIS web-based portal. Your wireless provider may be able to help you configure BIS using the information provided above.

BIS will only allow you to access your Newman University email. At this time BIS does not allow you to access your contacts or calendar.

Since BIS does not use Newman University’s mail servers to send email, we cannot guarantee that emails sent form your BlackBerry device will be received in a timely manner by other email users.  For example, an email sent from your BlackBerry device to another staff member at their Newman University email address, professor, may not be received in a timely fashion because of factors outside of our control.

Installation of BlackBerry related software onto Newman University computers is not allowed and is a direct violation of the user agreement.