Blackboard Requirements

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online application used by faculty to post course content and communicate with their class. Not all faculty use Blackboard, so you will not have a Blackboard account unless one of your instructors has requested a Blackboard class site.

Login Instructions

  • You should have received a letter from the Registrar's Office containing your user name and password. If you cannot locate the letter, the username and the initial password will be in the following format.
  • If you were a Newman student prior to January 1, 2007, your username and password have not changed. If you first enrolled at Newman as a student during or after the Spring 2007 semester, your username will be your last name (no spaces, hyphens or apostrophes and all lower case) followed by your six-digit Student (Registration) ID (not your Social Security number). The user name can be no more that 14 characters. If the combination described above is more than 14 characters, your username will consist of only the first 14 characters.
  • Your password will be mmdd of your birthday followed by the last four digits of your Social Security number. (e.g. if your birthday is March 4th and your SS# is 555-55-1234, your password will be 03041234) If you did not provide the Registrar's Office with any birthday information, mmdd will be 9999. If you do not have a SS#, use the last 4 digits of your Student (Registration) ID. The format for the initial password prior to January, 2007 was the Social Security number. If you were a student prior to this date, your letter from the Registrar's Office may still have your SS# listed as the password. Blackboard and the academic network (email and academic computer labs), however, will not use the SS#. You will use the format listed above for your password. The only application that might use the SS# is JetStream.


Blackboard Requirements


Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows  (XP recommended), Mac OS X (no OS support by the Help Desk), Linux (no OS support by the Help Desk)


Microsoft Internet Explorer v6. or 7 recommended IE 8 will work only in compatibility mode, Safari v2 or 3,  Firefox and Google Chrome are now supported by Blackboard 8


PDF reader such as Adobe, Windows Media Player 8 – 11, Quicktime 6 or 7, Flash Player such as Adobe Macromedia Flash Player 6, 7 or 9, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 (This will download automatically when you try to join a collaboration session)

Computer requirements:

 Access to the internet through a local internet service provider -- 56 k Modem (DSL/Cable or higher is recommended), An active Newman e-mail account,

Your computer should have 64 MB of RAM (128 MB or higher recommended) & 500 MB of hard disk space.

You MUST have cookies and JavaScript/active scripting enabled, and you should turn off popup blocking for urls within the domain. Contact the Help Desk if you are unsure about any of these settings, or do not know how to check your system information.


Student FAQ

How can I access Blackboard?
You can access Blackboard at the Newman web site ( Click on myNU from the menu and select Blackboard. You can also access your Blackboard account from any browser by going to the site (Note: Sometimes, however quite rarely, there are connection issues caused by our Internet provider which will not allow you to access Blackboard. If this is the case, you might try using the address, which is the IP address of our Blackboard server.) You will be able to access Blackboard anywhere and anytime on Internet by using an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. After you have accessed the site above, click on the Login button. Use your Academic username and password that were assigned to you at Registration. (See FAQ concerning username and initial password if necessary.)
When I log into Blackboard, I only see courses from last semester. Why do I not see any courses for this semester?
Past semester courses do not go away until they are physically deleted from the Blackboard system. This timing on this is dependent on a number of issues. It is possible for courses from past semesters to coexist with courses from the current semester. Why you may not be seeing current semester courses may be due to a few possibilities:
    • Blackboard course sites are not created for a course until the instructor requests a site for his or her course. Some instructors do not utilize Blackboard in their course. Therefore, you may not see a site for the course because one has not been requested.
    • Once a course site is created for a course, the instructor is allowed exclusive access to the site in order to place and arrange content before anyone else can see it. Once the instructor has completed the site, he or she must make the site available for others to view. If the instructor has not made the site available, you will not see it your list of courses.
I am enrolled as a student at Newman, but when I try to access Blackboard, I get the message "You are not currently enrolled in any courses." Why is this?
It could mean one of two things:
    • First, not all faculty utilize BB in their classes. If your instructor does not request a BB site, no course enrollment for this course will appear once you log in.
    • The second reason that you might receive this message is that the instructor has not yet made the BB coursesite available. An instructor must mark the BB site as available to students before students can view any part of the class.

In either case, contact your instructor and request that a BB site be created or ask if they have made the class site available to students yet.

Can I change my email address used by Blackboard to something other than my Newman email address?
The email address used by Blackboard to contact you is your Newman email address. Even though you can change to another address, you are encouraged to continue using your Newman email. Some services such as AOL will block messages sent by your instructor through Blackboard. Some instructors require you to use only you Newman email account in Blackboard.
How do I change my password in Blackboard?
In Blackboard, to change your password, enter one of the courses in which you are enrolled by clicking on the link for that course. Click on the Tools button at the left. Select the link for Personal Information, click on Change Password, and complete the form. After you have entered your new password, you will be asked to verify the password. This simply means retype your password. In order for the change to take effect, you must click on Submit at the bottom of the form.