Business Interviews

Your Guide To Successful Interviews

Interviewers use several different types of interviews, questions, and techniques to determine your capabilities. Therefore, it is to your advantage to be well prepared for a variety of possible interview situations. It is always better to be prepared for both expected and unexpected interviews and interviewers.

The resume gets you an interview, the interview gets the job.

Goals of an Interview


  • To fill a position with the best possible person to do the job.
  • To evaluate what you can do for the organization.
  • To determine how your personality, skills, etc. fits with the position or company.


  • To be sure you understand the job and company.
  • To sell yourself. Provide additional information about what you can do for the organization.
  • To decide if the company and position provides what you desire.

Types of Interviews

The most common type of interview is one-on-one between the interviewer and interviewee. However, there are other approaches as well. If you are asked to return for a second or third interview with the same organization, you may face a different type of interview than during the first round of interviews.

Information/networking interviews
Connecting with people in your chosen field, will provide valuable information about particular jobs and careers, especially the skills and experience that employers are seeking in various positions. These encounters begin to build your professional network and may lead directly to a formal job interview.

Series interviews
The ‘series interview’, where the applicant interviews with several individuals within the same organization perhaps one after another, is also common. After this series of interviews are conducted, the individuals gather to compare notes and collectively make a hiring decision. It may seem like you are repeating yourself during these interviews, but remember, for the person interviewing you, it is their first interview with you. You should treat each interview as if it were your first.

Panel interviews
One of the more stressful types of interview is the panel interview. In this type of interview, you are interviewed by several people at the same time. It is extremely difficult to control this type of interview. As you answer one person’s question, it is hard to gauge how other panel members are responding. In addition, there may be an obvious difference of opinion between two panel members. Your response may gain the support of one, but lose the support of the other.

Group interviews
Although this type of interview is uncommon, they do occur. In group interviews, the employer will interview several applicants at the same time and observe the interpersonal skills of the applicants. Often a question will be posed to the group or the group will be given a problem to solve. If an applicant exhibits positive leadership behaviors in the group setting, employers tend to believe that person can take charge and be a leader in the workplace.

More Helpful Tips

Preparation for the interview is essential. You can then relax and be yourself.

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