On-Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting


Employers interested in recruiting on campus may submit a request to set up an information table, schedule interviews or conduct information sessions. We welcome employers to campus and look forward to working with you. If you would like to schedule time on our campus, please complete the On-Campus Recruiting Application Form.

The following are our policies for on-campus recruiting.

Who may participate?

  1. Businesses must follow business practices consistent with the mission and values of Newman University
  2. Network Marketing Organizations and Franchises are not considered “employers” by Career Services and therefore not allowed participation
  3. All employers conducting on-campus interviews or setting up information tables must be deemed legitimate
  4. Third party agencies (temporary agencies, search firms, etc.) must:
  • Provide disclosure of vacancy position(s) and employer he/she represents for recruiting activities
  • Agree to not using collected resumés for referral to any other job or employer


  • Application must be made in writing and approved by Newman University Associate Vice President
  • You must have current or anticipated job openings for college students, graduates or interns
  • You must have an employer-employee relationship in which no fees are associated with becoming an intern or employee of the organization (other than professional licensure fees for career employees that may be necessary to be paid by employee)
  • You must not misrepresent positions offered


  1. Complete the application form and email to Sherry Lamm or fax to 316-942-4483. Questions? Call Career Services 316-942-4291, ext. 2234.
  2. Career Services will notify you regarding approval of the request
  3. When scheduling interviews, Newman students will contact you directly regarding an appointment during your time on campus
  4. One week prior to your visit on campus, Career Services will contact you to verify activity
  5. On campus interviews/information tables may only be scheduled one time per semester per organization

Businesses will be restricted to the location and times agreed upon. The university makes no guarantee of student attendance or participation.