Cooperative Education Objectives

Cooperative Education Learning Objectives/Syllabus Examples  

Here are some helpful examples to get you started as you think about your cooperative education work experience.

I. Objectives of the Cooperative Education Experience:

  • To become knowledgeable in various aspects and operations of a radio station.
  • Gain hands on experience in the development and support of a sophisticated competitive analysis software tool.
  • By shadowing Dr. Rosen, I will learn more about physician/patient interaction and pediatric oncology.
  • Integrate facilities engineering in a cooperative education experience.
  • To get hands on experience working in a public relations office.
  • To learn and improve writing, editing, layout and photography skills.
  • To find out what working in a non-profit communications/public relations office is like.
  • Gain experience working in a television station. Improve editing skills.
  • Sociological understanding of the organizational environment of the VA hospital will be emphasized. Application and understanding of relevant terms, concepts, and theories from organizational sociology will be illustrated at a particular level of competence by the study.

II. Plan of Study (journal, readings, paper, meetings, etc.):

  • I will have meetings with my advisor.
  • I will keep a journal notebook of my experience that I will turn into a 10 page paper.
  • Student will do a special project for Coleman Co. He will visit with senior mgmt/engineers to research this project. He will also do library research.
  • I will write a paper and spend time interviewing Dr. Rosen.
  • Write a paper reflecting on all aspects of my learning experience, 10 - 12 pages in length.
  • Readings: Access 95 VBA Programming, Ch. 1 - 4, 10.
  • Student will be given several articles and books to read during the semester. We will meet weekly to discuss both pedagogy and work.

III. Evaluation:

  • The evaluation will be based on the submission of a fully functional, documented and fully tested application. Site visits will be made and input from the employer will be important.
  • Will consist of site visit and oral final.
  • Completion of special project.
  • Student will be evaluated on her work designing hang tags for product and designing a product page for the Wal-Mart Internet site.
  • Evaluation from supervisor, and 3-5 page paper describing co-op experience.
  • Evaluation will be based on observations of different procedures as described in the paper.
  • Employer and faculty advisor will evaluate project.
  • The instructor will evaluate student based on meetings, site visit, employer’s evaluation, my paperwork, and my final paper/portfolio.

 IV. Dates for Completion: