Who Should Come to Career Fairs?

Attention Students

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, you need to pay close attention to career fairs. The Career Fair is not just for seniors or those who are seeking a job. You need to begin as early as possible to take advantage of the experience you can gain through attending.


This is an opportunity to learn about available careers, gain confidence in talking to employers, and begin the networking process.


Start checking out possible internships/co-ops. Many employers fill these positions a year in advance. Also, check out the job market and make important contacts.


Identify companies that have co-ops/internships. Practice interviewing skills and continue networking. Get to know the employers so when you’re ready to look for a job or decide on a graduate school, they know who you are.

Seniors/Graduate Students

Meet potential interviewers. Locate the job or company that you really want. Network! Network! Network!


You probably know the students better than anyone else on campus. The employers want to know you. This is your opportunity to gain some great contacts!