One Minute Commercial at a Career Fair

Polish Your One Minute Commercial  

When you approach a booth at the career fair, you should be prepared to give a short introduction of yourself and what you are seeking.

Following are some samples:

For those deciding on a career or gathering information:


  1. Introduce yourself

    • “Hi, my name is ____and I’m currently majoring in __.”
    • (Or “My major is not yet decided.” Or “I’m seeking information related to ____.”)
  2. State your objective

    • “ I’d like to find out more about what types of positions might be available in your company” or “I’d like to learn more about your company.”
  3. Provide additional information

    • “Before asking you a couple of questions, I’d like to give you a little background.” (Tell something about your background that would help the employer remember you, e.g. extracurricular, volunteer activity, accomplishment, etc.)
  4. Ask a couple of relevant questions

    • Examples:
      • “I am exploring majors in ____ and ____. How would I use one of these majors in your company?” (Be sure the company has positions in these majors.)
      • “Are there any course electives that you would recommend?”
      • “From your website, I learned ________. What do you think is an important trend for the future.?”
      • “What competencies do you expect in successful candidates?”
      • “May I have your business card for future reference?” Or “May I make a note of your name so I will remember for future reference? I may see you next year.”

For those seeking a job or internship:

  1. Introduce yourself.

    • “Hi, my name is ______ and I’m majoring in ___.”
  2. State your objective.

    • “I’m interested in beginning work _______ (next semester, summer, etc.).”
  3. Provide additional information

    • Briefly tell something about your background/qualifications.
  4. Ask a couple of relevant questions

    • Examples:
      • “Do you have coop/intern or summer positions?” (Do not ask if it is clearly indicated in the company information).
      • “What are the requirements for your internship programs?”
      • “Where are your entry level positions located?”
      • “When should I apply?” Or “What is the application process?”
      • “May I give you a copy of my resumé?” “Should I submit a resumé online at your web site?”

Since there may be many students wanting to talk to the employers at the Career Fair, be considerate and do not ask numerous questions, but select one or two that are important. Be sure you have done your research and know something about the company. Always ask for a business card and make a note of the contact.