Access Services

Newman University Conversing Near Founder's Plaza

Upon entering Newman, each student will need to set up an appointment with the director of Disability Services. Students will need to bring a copy of documentation to the initial meeting and whenever documentation needs to be renewed. Students will be asked to fill out a release form, allowing the director of Disability Services to release relevant information to instructors in order to accommodate the needs of the student. All information regarding disability and accommodations is confidential and not to be disclosed to anyone outside the Department of Disability Services (including parents) without a written consent by the student. The student has the right to refuse or revoke consent at any time. Students can access accommodations request forms here.

Students will also be asked to fill out a semesterly request in order to request the specific services needed for that semester. The semesterly request must be filled out by the beginning of each semester. These forms can be picked up in the Director’s office, 305A Sacred Heart Hall. The director of Disability Services, after meeting with the student, will determine eligibility for services. 

A diagnosis (such as for ADHD or Learning Disability) does not necessarily mean that a student qualifies for academic accommodations. The documentation must show that the ability to perform major life activities, including learning, have been significantly limited. Other life activities include walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, performing manual tasks, caring for oneself, working, sitting, standing, lifting, and reading. Additionally, documentation must include whether the condition is permanent or temporary, and if temporary, the expected date of resolution. The documentation must also be current, meaning it was completed no more than three years ago. If a student cannot provide documentation that meets these standards, a re-evaluation may be required.